Wednesday, April 29, 2009

C is for Crazy hair, Crawling... and Constipation

Oh the wonderful life of a mom to two girls... especially two girls who have a mix of my poker straight hair and my wonderful husband's very curly hair. I always had an interest in hair growing up, even had aspirations to become a hairstylist but nothing prepared me for the craziness facing me each morning.
I've tried de-frizzing shampoo, de-frizzing serum, gel, hai
rspray (using this on a two year old comes with a certain amount of guilt, I feel a bit like a pageant mom at times). I've tried wide combs, narrow combs, brushes, I've even tried to blow dry it while brushing it (on the cool setting of course). Nothing really works. Most of the time I end up putting it in pigtails, but trying to section hair down the middle in a straight line is nearly impossible. Usually I have to bribe her with getting to play at the kitchen sink or watch a video on the computer so that she will sit still long enough for me to make it look half decent. Today I tried a single ponytail even though it's not quite long enough... and at the end of the day, when the ponytail came out out, my sweet beautiful girl looks like she just stuck her finger in a socket:

But at least she's happy. :)

To crawl or not to crawl... I've really been encouraging my eight month old daughter to crawl but I'm wondering if I'll regret it when she does. With the older one, crawling was a wonderful thing; she could go where she wanted and since she's an independent girl anyway, she would crawl and play with toys, read books and keep herself busy for hours. Now that I have two of them I'm not sure if I will be able to turn my back for a second without worrying that the older one is going to push her, or try to pick her up by the head, or do a many number of things that she already does when I am only a few feet away. I'm less afraid of the walking stage because then at least she will be on a more even playing field with her older sister.
She's doing really well though, she goes up on all fours and rocks back and forth, and she will wiggle her way backwards, but no forward motion yet... I think it is only a matter of weeks.
As for constipation, I'll leave you with this: "A kiwi a day keeps the constipation away". My mom's miracle cure for when my daughter has to go, but her bum says no.

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