Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Garden update!

So, I finally got to the store to purchase some potting soil for my vegetable plants. Unfortunately because this has taken so long, I lost a bunch of my plants along the way. They just couldn't sustain themselves in the little Jiffy peat pots anymore. So into the compost bin they went.
I've decided that I am only going to plant a few of the vegetable plants into the actual garden this year as the area that I have chosen doesn't seem like a good home for my little babies. The soil is very hard and weeds keep popping up ferociously. Not to mention that it's actually acting as a trench since last year we had a waterfall comparable with Niagara Falls (okay, more like a "mini" Niagara Falls). So I am going to try to grow most of my vegetables in pots and see how that goes!
Now my house is littered with pots full of seedlings until I am ready to move them outdoors. I think I am going to wait one more week and if the weather continues to stay nice then I will make the move.
Here are some of my plants, I can't believe how much they have grown:Cucumber on the windowsill
In front of the sliding doorBasil on the windowsill
Snow Peas
Corn in the bay windowLettuce

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