Monday, May 4, 2009

Ol' Lonely

So I know why the Maytag repairman is so lonely. It's because he doesn't have a job. And not because Maytag appliances don't break down or because of the economy...
Our Maytag Quiet Series dishwasher has not been so quiet lately. About a week ago it started making a very loud rattling noise during the rinse cycle. I thought maybe there was something stuck somewhere so I called my friend whose husband happens to be a plumber (how convenient) and he was able to make some suggestions, but this is not really a plumbing issue. So today I called Maytag (which is actually owned by Whirlpool now) and after going through the usual was finally able to talk to someone. After describing the issue and additionally holding the phone right up to the dishwasher so that the CSR could hear for himself, I was told that "this is normal". The representative told me that if I referred to my manual I would see that a "humming" sound is normal. I explained that it is not a "humming" sound, but rather a "rattling" sound, and he said "yes, a humming or a grinding sound is normal." WHAAAT?? I was flabbergasted. And I still am. I'm actually afraid to run the dishwasher because the noise is so alarming. I can't run it in the evening because it would keep me awake at night, that's how loud it is. And I'm being told that this is normal? Unfortunately our warranty expired a month ago (why does that always happen?) and I don't want a repairman to come out just to get paid to tell me that "this is normal". Although I think it is rather unlikely that I can... I might just have to try to fix it myself.

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  1. Nicole.. first i have to tell you that i love your blog.. please keep writing. Dont worry about the worry of being witty as you wrote about in another post- you are pefect, just be yourself.
    As for your dishwasher I wanted to extend my understanding to you. The only word that comes to me is GRRRR!
    My new stove is not even a month old and decides its working hours regardless of how many times I push the buttons.. I went through the usual process and took it a step further as I still do have warranty and the registerred trained technician came out to diagnose the trouble. After minor investigations he described to me that I ( myself as in Melanie) must carry an electrical current in my body which is shorting out the stove.No not another appliance in the kitchen or a short within the stove its self.. Its me..he claims. His reccomeded fix is that I try holding a metal baton in the alternate hand while I try to set the oven. I rubbed my eyes to see who in fact had come to service my stove a repair man or Sylvia Browne? What the?? Good luck with your washer! Melanie <3